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Centereach, New York 11720
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Protect yourself – Know the Law!

Call a Personal Injury Attorney with Experience

Coram , Middle Island , Suffolk County , Nassau County & Local Towns & Counties 

Attorneys at Law - Accident Lawyers – providing representation and services to the following local communities: Medford - 11763, Coram - 11727, Middle Island - 11953, Ridge - 11961, Calverton - 11933, Yaphank - 11980 as well as throughout Suffolk County , Nassau County and New York’s five boroughs.

Amideo Nicholas Guzzone & Associates, P.C.
2450 Middle Country Road (2nd Floor)
Centereach, New York 11720

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  • The above information is not intended to be a substitute for the expert legal advice of an experienced accident attorney.

          ** Accident cases only

Coram • Middle Island • New York • All Other New York Counties

Amideo Nicholas Guzzone
& Associates, P.C.
2450 Middle Country Rd.

Centereach, NY 11720

Coram, Middle Island, New York

To request that we contact you with regard to your legal matter, please provide your name and phone number, and a brief description of your matter. Note: No attorney / client relationship will exist until you have met with an attorney from our firm and executed a retainer.


Coram Accident Lawyers

Coram Lawyers - Middle Island Lawyers

Coram Accident Lawyers
Coram Personal Injury Attorneys
Coram Car Accident Lawyers





Coram Personal Injury Lawyers

 Coram, Middle Island, New York

You may be entitled to significant monetary compensation for your injuries. Know your rights!!

Speak with a Knowledgable Lawyer first.

Coram Lawyers

Areas of General Practice

Lawyers - Wills, Trusts, Estate

Estate Planning - Elder Law

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     The Law Offices of Amideo Nicholas Guzzone & Associates, P.C. and our experienced, knowledgeable team of accident lawyers and Attorneys has been representing injury victims in and around Coram and Middle Island for over 50 years. The law firm has gained respect and built a reputation for the aggressive handling of our large Personal Injury Law practice. We represent accident / injury victims from the Coram / Middle Island area that have been injured in many types of accidents. Our aggressive representation of accident / injury victims has resulted in millions of dollars in recoveries. Our



Coram / Middle Island clients can be assured of our ability and dedication in the handling of their accident claims.

   The lawyers at our law firm are further assisted by our extensive professional legal support staff. The firm’s lawyers, experts, investigators and professional legal staff give each and every case our utmost attention. We handle both large and small accident cases. As experienced accident attorneys we have the legal knowledge, skills and resources to guide our clients in every aspect of their case, as well as to achieve significant results and recoveries for them. The Law Offices of Amideo Nicholas Guzzone and Associates, P.C. has the talent; resources and manpower to vigilantly prosecute your claim against the largest of insurance companies with their own extensive claims departments. Insurance companies have large staffs of adjusters and lawyers protecting their own interests. You also deserve the experience, knowledge and manpower of a fully staffed law firm to protect your interests.

   The diversity of our legal talents, and our long standing history, provide us with experience and knowledge to also represent clients in the areas of General Practice law including: Estate Planning and Probate, Wills and Trusts, Elder Law, Matrimonial Law, Real Estate Law and Criminal Law, in addition to our extensive Personal Injury law practice. The experienced attorneys at The law Offices of Amideo Nicholas Guzzone & Associates, P.C. can provide guidance and assistance to clients in need of legal services from Coram, Middle Island and surrounding towns and villages.

Amideo Nicholas Guzzone & Associates, P.C.

Personal Injury Attorneys • Lawyers with Knowledge
Coram, NY, Middle Island, NY, New York and surrounding communities


New York State No- Fault Law

New York State No-Fault insurance coverage pays for various expenses including medical bills, lost wages and other covered expenses for people injured in New York car accidents, regardless of who is at fault. New York State No-Fault is based upon Insurance Law, Regulations and the policy or policies of insurance responsible to provide coverage to injured parties.

In general, No-Fault coverage applies to the occupants of motor vehicles including cars, pickups, SUVs, and most other types of motor vehicles. This insurance coverage is also provided to both pedestrians and bicyclists who are hit by a covered motor vehicle. Motorcycle drivers and their passengers are not covered by No-Fault Insurance. (Although not covered by No-Fault insurance coverage, motorcyclists and motorcycle passengers may be entitled to Med Pay Coverage under certain conditions).

No-Fault claims may be intricate, tedious and complex. Insurance carriers may be adversarial and uncooperative. The assistance of an experienced and well respected Law firm can help to provide you with both insight and support to assure that you are provided all of the coverage and monetary reimbursement you may be entitled to. A well qualified team of Personal Injury attorneys and experienced legal staff can help make this overwhelming process more tolerable.

At Amideo Nicholas Guzzone & Associates, P.C. one of our qualified team of experienced and knowledgeable lawyers are always available. You can be assured that even if several of our attorneys are at court or in conference, another knowledgeable attorney is available to promptly address your important issues. We understand that your issues are important; our team of lawyers and qualified assistants are able to provide you with the hands on care you require. We assure you that your phone call will not be directed to voice mail or other types of impersonal phone mail or text messaging in order to deal with your personal and confidential legal issues. It is Important to speak with an experienced Lawyer before making decisions which may affect your coverage or claim.

Note: This basic information doe not replace the valuable knowledge provided by an accident lawyer. This basic information is not intended to replace the legal representation provided by an experienced personal injury lawyer.


Neck Injury, Back Injury, Spinal Cord Injuries, Injuries resulting in the loss of a limb or organ, Head and Brain Injury , injuries from accidents resulting in Paraplegia or Quadriplegia, broken bones, joints and limbs, Psychological Injury, Joint Injuries, Injuries Involving nerves and ligaments, Accidents and Injuries resulting in death, Soft Tissue Injuries, Accidents and Injuries requiring surgery.

Amideo Nicholas Guzzone & Associates, P.C.

Personal Injury Attorneys
Coram, Middle Island, New York and surrounding communities


The firm’s qualified team of accident lawyers are experienced in handling many types of Personal injury and accident claims:

Get your free consultation NOW: Call 631-588-5000

Coram, Middle Island, New York, NY

We are the Experienced Lawyers!

Amideo Nicholas Guzzone & Associates, P.C. - Attorneys at Law - provide representation and services to the following local communities: Coram, NY,  Middle Island, NY,  Ridge, Calverton,NY,  Yaphank,NY,  as well as throughout New York towns and counties.

Consulting with a knowledgeable and experienced accident / Personal Injury attorney will help you to determine the applicable types of coverage in your specific situation. Consult with an accident attorney immediately and protect your rights!!

Protect yourself - Know the Law! 
Call a Personal Injury / Accident Lawyer with Experience
Serving Coram, Middle Island, New York
Attorneys at Law - Amideo Nicholas Guzzone & Associates, P.C.

Injury lawyers helping injured accident victims in Coram, Middle Island, New York

Personal Injury Attorneys
Personal Injury / Accident Lawyers with Experience

Amideo Nicholas Guzzone & Associates, P.C. - Attorneys at Law 
Providing representation and services to the local following communities:

  • Middle Island, NY, 11953
  • Ridge, NY, 11961
  • Coram, NY, 11727
  • Calverton, NY, 11933
  • Medford, NY, 11763
  • Yaphank, NY, 11980
  • If you or a family member is involved in an accident:

    1. You should contact the police immediately following any accident. The police will always help anyone who has suffered an injury and requires assistance. Having a police officer at the scene of an accident will help insure a report of what happened and the parties involved.
    2. Write down all information relating to your accident such as where it occurred, the names, addresses and phone numbers of the parties who were involved as well as the names and phone numbers of any witnesses. Should you suffer injuries or property damage due to a car / auto / motor vehicle accident, you and your attorney will need the license plate numbers of the other vehicles involved in the accident as well as their insurance information. All of the information you are able to obtain at the time of an accident ultimately assists you and your attorney in resolving your claim expeditiously.
    3. Do not give any statements (other than to the police, hospital or emergency personnel) before first speaking to an attorney. If you were injured always advise the police, emergency personnel and the hospital about all of your injuries and complaints. Seek medical attention immediately.
    4. Even if you are only considering a claim for personal injuries as a result of a car / auto / motor vehicle accident or any other accidental injury, you should seek the advice of an experienced personal injury lawyer immediately.

    The sooner you seek a personal injury attorney’s legal advice, the faster your lawyer can secure witness statements before the witnesses’ memories fade, and take photographs before an accident scene changes.

    Both automobile and home owner insurance companies have experienced adjusters and legal representatives on staff, looking to protect their interests. You need a qualified accident lawyer to protect your interests too!

    Experienced personal injury lawyers - Personal injury accident law firm
    Coram , Middle Island , New York, NY 631-588-5000

    Coram, NY, Lawyers

    Coram Accident Lawyers

    Coram Car Accident Lawyers
    Coram, NY, Accident Lawyers


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